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small_group.jpgWhen you drive along Douglas Lake road through the rolling hills in the southern interior of British Columbia toward “Twigg’s Place” you are probably expecting to see some whitetail and mule deer; black bears for sure. But pheasants? Yet when you arrive at the lodge you realize that this is perfect pheasant country and if you’re arriving just at daybreak, you might even be greeted by the cackle of pheasant roosters scurrying through the lush brush in the river bottom.

Linda Cline who operates “Someday Retrievers”, a topnotch dog training and boarding facility near Kamloops, also runs this excellent pheasant hunting outfit on the properties of Douglas Lake ranch, one of Canada’s largest working ranches. Nestled amongst the trees on the shores of Salmon Lake is Twigg’s Place. This lovingly restored historic property was the lakefront summer home of Mrs. Twigg White and her family for some 40 plus years.

The lovingly restored historic main lodge “Twigs Place” provides guests with all the luxury and comfort they can hope to expect. The large rustic 900 square feet living room, featuring a vaulted high ceiling and large stone fireplace with a large door leading onto a large screened patio with lake view, is inviting and makes you feel immediately at home. Upstairs are four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and next to the living room is a large kitchen where gourmet meals fit for a king are prepared.

Hunting is excellent providing lots of peasant and partridge shooting opportunities in some of the most stunning countryside your eyes ever will see. Weather permitting a delicious field lunch will be served out in the hunting area between morning and afternoon hunts. You can bring your own dog, which will be housed in the first class dog kennel adjacent to the main lodge. For those hunters that do not own an upland-bird hunting dog you don’t have to miss out on the fun as the lodge will provide one with its own handler. These are some of the best trained and eager hunting dogs I have ever seen. And if, after a long day of hunting pheasants and partridges is not enough, there is the opportunity to wet a line in the trout-rich Salmon Lake and catch your own dinner.

The package rate includes: Accommodations, meals and beverages (non-alcoholic), trap clays for the shooting range, professional dog trainer on hand should you require some dog handling lessons. Each week over 200 pheasants are released on the property, providing lots of shooting opportunities. There are no bag limits on how many pheasants and chukars you can shoot. All you need is a hunting license, and angling license should you desire to wet a line in in the lakes , Hunting and angling licenses are available at the Douglas Lake Ranch office or in one of the outdoor sporting stores in the nearby city of Merritt.

When I moved from Illinois to British Columbia the thing I missed most was pheasant hunting. When I found out about Someday Retrievers and their pheasant hunting outfit at Douglas Lake Ranch I had to give it a try. The warm welcome, excellent and friendly service, the numbers and quality of birds in addition to the beautiful countryside and the knowledgeable dog handlers made this an incredibly satisfying and enjoyable all around experience and I look forward to a return visit in the very near future.

The rolling hills in the southern interior of British Columbia are great pheasant habitat.

The main lodge at the shores of Salmon Lake.

Lots of action and shooting opportunities.

Guides and their dogs work hard to provide shooting opportunities for the clients.

The smile on this clients face says it all.

Someday Retrievers dogs show off what they have learned and are eager to please.

Guides, dogs and clients show off a morning bag limit. After a hefty field lunch its back to hunting more pheasants and chukars.

For more information and rates visit Someday Retrievers.

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